Midstate Drone Services Owner

Nick Heaslip

I grew up on the family farm near Wirrabara, SA.  My father was a cereal and sheep farmer. I then went and chased a career in the offshore oil and gas industry as a commercial diver, and saturation diver (the really deep stuff!), involved in many large projects around the world, gaining skills including welding and asset inspection through the certification scheme of welding inspection personnel(CSWIP3.2u), underwater.

It was on these jobs that I saw first-hand the advantages of using remote operated machinery to deliver safer and more advanced data.

A hobby of flying drones for fun turned into a business idea and after completing my CASA-certified remote pilot license and Remote Operating Chief Pilot (REOC) I started Midstate Drone Services.

Midstate Australian Company Number: 658 439 055

Midstate Drone Services Aviation Registration Number: 1177641

Remote Operating Chief Pilot (REOC) Number: 7818

Remote Pilot License Number: 1175366